Welcome to the Atlan Data Wiki—a fun, helpful encyclopedia for the data universe.

Learn about all things data. From data sources and formats to big data technologies and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, we’ve got you covered. 😎

Why have we created this wiki?

The Atlan Data Wiki started as an internal initiative. At Atlan, we’re growing and welcoming new folks to the team—from data scientists and engineers to marketers and sales folks (aka the humans of data).

We realized that understanding the data universe isn’t easy when you’re just getting started. So we decided to do something about it. That's how The Atlan Data Wiki was born!

Seeing as we’re all about the community, we opened it up for the humans of data everywhere. Now don't let jargon throw you off your game! 💪

How does this work?

Just search for the term you want to learn about and click on the page you’d like to read. (Look for the 🔍 icon on the top right corner of this page.)

Or browse through all the categories via the navigation menu on the left.

What if the term I'm looking for doesn't exist?

Congratulations! 🥳

You’ve stumbled upon a chance to make the wiki even better.

Just drop us an email at humansofdata@atlan.com with the term and we'll build a page for it, as quickly as we can.

Sound cool. Can I contribute?


The Data Wiki is a community project that we’re hoping will become the largest knowledge base for data teams and humans of data everywhere. 🌎

You can send us your request here and we'll get back to you via email 🚀. (Please make sure you give us your best email address so that we can reach out to you)

Do I get credits for my contributions?

We won't have it any other way!

We give full credits to all of our contributors.

Can you help us improve the wiki? ✍

We're on a mission to become the largest knowledge base for humans of data everywhere. Sign up here and become a contributor.