Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

While we started the wiki as an internal initiative, we wouldn't have been able to build it into a thriving project without the help of our fellow humans of data. πŸ™

Here are all the incredible individuals who invested their time and effort to build this wiki.

Primary contributors

Ayswarrya G, Content Strategist, Atlan

I believe that good writing can change the world. At present, I handle the Humans of Data publication at Atlan and the Data Wiki. In my free time, I'm either traveling or practicing my French.

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Aditya Lahiri, American Express, AI Labs

I'm driven by the intention of solving problems using data and code. Currently, I'm a Machine Learning Research Intern at American Express, AI Labs.

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Other contributors

Kriti Kathuria, Data Engineer, Atlan

I build tools that help data teams do their lives' best work. Currently, I'm building robust ETL tools for Grid@Atlan. I'm passionate about large scale distributed systems.

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Akash Tandon, Data Engineer, Atlan

I tweet at @AkashTandon and tinker on Github at @analyticalmonk. Perennially curious and a lifelong learner.

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Kushal Saini, Content Strategist, Atlan

I'm driven by the idea that brands and their stories should spark joy and delight in their audience. I also know this is easier said than done. #CopyHustle

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Christine Garcia, Principal Content Strategist, Atlan

I handle content at Atlan. I tweet infrequently at @christngrcia.

Shilpa Arora, Principal Data Scientist, Atlan

I love designing and building data products that make life easier and efficient for the humans of data.

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