What is data science?

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Data science is the science (and art) of making data talk.

As any data scientist will tell you, data science means using several methods, processes and algorithms from mathematics, statistics and computer science to extract actionable insights from data. (Phew... that's a tall order! 😵)

What is data science? Image courtesy: Simplilearn

How is data science different from fields such as machine learning and artificial intelligence?

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Short answer: Data science is a broad discipline that overlaps with statistics, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, NLP, deep learning, business intelligence and data operations.

The data science hierarchy of needs pyramid. Image courtesy: Monica Rogati

A data scientist’s job truly starts once data has been gathered from various data sources, is transformed, and ready for for analysis. However, this isn't set in stone. Depending on an organization's requirements and team size, the role of a data scientist may vary.

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